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Ukiyo is rooted in Japan’s history. It means “浮 – float” and “世 – world/society.” It was used to describe Japanese lifestyle to escape the pressures of the world and rediscover meaningful pleasures.

Innovative tea brewing

Ukiyo™ Sense: a double-wall glass tea infuser smart bottle, which can be used to brew your favorite tea or flavoured water and keep it warm - or chilled.


Elegance & portability

Ukiyo™ Pebble is a stunning, soft-touch, stainless steel bottle for your favourite tea, coffee or flavoured water and keep them at the right temperature.


Healthy moisture

Ukiyo™ Jōki is a beautiful mini humidifier, designed to moisturize the air and prevent dryness for up to 6 hours, by relaxing you with beautiful LED light effects.

Genmaicha - Certified Organic Japanese Loose Leaf Tea - 100gHoujicha - Certified Organic Japanese Loose Leaf Tea - 50gSencha - Certified Organic Japanese Loose Leaf Tea - 100gKamairicha - Certified Organic Japanese Loose Leaf Tea - 80gPu'er Yamabuki Nadeshiko - Certified Organic Japanese Loose Leaf Tea - 60g

USDA Certified

Organic Japanese Teas

A range of USDA Organic Certified Japanese loose leaf teas, created with the organic farming philosophy in mind and blended by renowned Japanese Tea Masters.

Discover the taste
What are your daily rituals?

We all have our rituals - our little ways of achieving calm. Lights out, candles lit, a warm towel, a soothing bath. Ukiyo is ready for that moment of peace. Discover how.


Our Guarantee

Ukiyo™ strives to provide the best customer experience possible. We offer free & easy returns for all orders and a professional customer support 7 days a week.

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"Brewing tea is somewhat of a satisfying activity, it became my daily routine. Love to do it with this bottle!"

Enrique S.

Detroit, MI


"Impressed with support, I had a few questions and they replied in 30 minutes with a quick solution. Lovin' the infuser!!!"

Sammy T.

San Diego, CA


"Style on point! Excited to give it as gift. Arrived in 3 days from shipping."

Yu M.

Arlington, TX


"Coral colour is unusual and looks awesome. Rubber hook makes it practical. Thanks!"

Justina L.

San Francisco, CA


"Delivery came in real quick. Impressed by the build quality and how easy it is to clean. Nice one..."

Albert F.

New York, NY


"Truly delicious. A fermented tea with detox properties --- lovin' every sip of it!"

Ilona L.

Providence, RI

Brew tea, sip coffee, or create healthy fruit infused water through Ukiyo's range of unique reusable products. Designed to come with you anywhere you go.