Safety Guidelines

Like with all products involving glass and hot water, we want you to be safe when using the items you purchased. Before using them, please make sure you read the instructions below.

Caution! The infuser may be hot and may burn you if you touch it when it is hot. If it breaks, the glass may injure you, so carefully clean up any broken glass using gloves and a broom. Do not touch broken glass with your bare hands.

Ukiyo Sense is not responsible in any way for the misuse of the products going against the following guidelines:

  • Ukiyo Sense and Steel infusers: do not pour boiling water immediately into the infuser, to avoid overheating beyond the recommended temperature of 90° Celsius or 194° Fahrenheit. After you boil hot water, wait for 2-3 minutes before pouring it into the glass bottle and closing the lid.

  • If the ambient temperature is low, warming up the bottle before use will help the bottle last longer. This will also help the liquid steep more effectively as the water will not lose too much heat when poured into the glass.

  • When borosilicate glass is exposed to a sudden change of temperature of approximately 100°C (205-210°F), it is susceptible to fracturing, breaking, or shattering. Glass is less likely to break or shatter if you warm it up gradually, so once you have poured hot water in, avoid resting your bottle on cold surfaces if possible.

  • Be careful when touching the top glass when hot. For Ukiyo Sense and Steel infusers: when opening, make sure that all the liquid at the top has moved down to the bottom part. To do this, slowly tilt the bottle at a 45° angle after closing each part tightly.

  • Never place an infuser into high-temperature heaters such as microwave ovens, sterilisation cabinets, ovens or open flames. Keep away from sources of electricity.

  • Glass products are fragile, please handle with care. Do not drop, scratch or brush with sharp objects. clean your bottle thoroughly after each use. We recommend hand-washing only for better durability.

  • Do not use with dry ice or any carbonated liquids or materials. Their gas can increase the pressure, causing leaks or breaking the bottle.

  • Keep away from children under 15 years old, handling hot liquid and glass can be dangerous.

  • When it has cooled down, make sure you clean the infuser after every use thoroughly, by rinsing each part in warm water after every use. Let each part dry thoroughly or use a soft cloth to dry excess water.

Ukiyo Lifestyle (the Company) shall be under no liability if the defect or failure, in the reasonable opinion of the Company, arises from wilful damage or misuse, negligence by the customer or any third party, failure to follow the Company’s instructions, or alteration or repair of the goods without the company’s prior approval.

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