Pu'er Yamabuki - Organic Japanese Loose Leaf Tea | 60g

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Yamabuki Nadeshiko Pu'er is a new organic Japanese tea made with a patented manufacturing method called the microbial control fermentation, incorporating sake production techniques into tea.

The tea leaves are fermented in a clean room with black koji mold. This feature makes Yamabuki Nadeshiko an innovative dark tea and post-fermented tea among Japanese tea types. It boasts a highly fruity and pleasant loose-leaf aroma.

Enjoy the mix of color, flavor and aroma. It creates a beautiful rosé-colored tea and each cup contains gallic acid, Teadenol A and B, and polymerized catechins, which are good for your body.

  • CONTENTS: 60g
  • EXPIRATION: 2 years from package opening
  • CERTIFICATION: USDA Organic Certified through JAS Ecocert
  • BLEND: blended by Japan’s leading certified Tea Instructor of 'The Japanese Tea Association' and champion of Japan’s National Tea Tasting
  • FRESHNESS: all our organic teas incorporate food-grade nitrogen gas packaging to preserve freshness

Organic farming represents the quintessence our our Japanese traditional production method, used to achieve the flavor that makes our organic loose leaf teas unique.

Our method, achieved the mountainous region of western Shizuoka, is good for both the soil and the whole environment, making the most out of the natural elements, rather than relying on chemical fertilizers or synthetic pesticides.

Mountain-harvested tea leaves have a nice fragrance and lingering taste, giving them a delicious flavor that can be finely distinguished from flat-land tea fields.This location is ideal for organic tea and our farmers dedicated to the art and science of organic agriculture as a true philosophy of life.