Pu'er Yamabuki Nadeshiko - Certified Organic Japanese Loose Leaf Tea - 60g

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The Pu'er (Yamabuki Nadeshiko) is a new Japanese tea made by a patented manufacturing method called the "microbial control fermentation method", which incorporates the manufacturing method of sake into tea.

The ingredients are similar to Pu'er tea, but it is easy to drink because it has less astringency and peculiar habit, and it has a sweet scent like flowers.

It has a beautiful rosé-colored light blue color, and because the ingredients are stable, it can be brewed in boiling water like black tea.

Catechin, which is the astringent ingredient of tea, changes to a mellow taste by fermentation. Many customers have said, "It has a natural scent and is very easy to drink ..." and "it is very delicious, so you can continue to enjoy it every day ...".

  • Contents: 60g
  • Expiration date: 2 years from package opening
  • USDA Organic Certified through JAS Ecocert
  • Blended by Japan’s leading certified Tea Instructor of The Japanese Tea Association
  • Champion holder of Japan’s 56th National Tea Tasting competition
  • All our organic teas incorporate (food grade) nitrogen gas packaging to preserve freshness


The term "Organic" in its purest essence equates essentially to Organic Farming.

This production method is good for both the soil and global environment, making the most out of the natural elements, rather than relying on chemical fertilizers or synthetic pesticides.

OSADA TEA aims to make tea that lives up to this standard, and incorporate this philosophy into our business, as well as into the joy and satisfaction of our customers.